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PM/PD Entrance exam: Physics



Dimension and dimensional equations of mechanical quantities. area, volume, velocity, acceleration, momentum, force, moment. energy and work.


Displacement. vectors, Newton's First Law, Conservation of Energy and Momentum, Kinematics, Newton's Second Law and definition of force, equations of motion. work, relation between work and energy power, Newton's Third Law, friction. sliding and rolling friction.

Circular Motion:

Motion of a body in circular orbit. centripetal force, Newton's Law of gravitation, Earth's satellites, rigid body rotation. Momentum of Inertia, Torque.

Wave Motion:

Simple harmonic motion. waves and waves propagation in matter. characterisation of wave motion (Including phase). coherence. graphical and ana1yticaI description in terms of periodicity in time and space. Superposition of waves. longitudinal and transverse waves, refraction, dispersion, interference.


Huygen's construction (geometrical), Young's double experiment (Idea of path difference).

Kinetic Theory of Gases:

Basic assumptions, derivations and expressions for pressure, temperature, translation degree of freedom, mean energy, gas equation. specific heats of gases, relation between Cp and Cv Cp -Cv -R/J

Physics of the Atom:

Bohr's model of atom. his postulates, origin of spectra. spectrum of hydrogen atom. electron configuration of the atoms. Photoelectric effect, laws of photoelectric emission.


Work and heat, first law of Thermodynamics.


Electric current, thermal effect, Joule's law, chemical effect, magnetic effect, Boit-Savart's law, moving coil galvanometer, moving charge in a magnetic field.

Electro-Magnetic Induction:

Lenze's law, 'eddy current, Faraday's law of electro-magnetic induction, self-inductance.


Structure of solids covalent, Van der waal and metallic, electrons in solids, classification of metals.

Nuclear Physics:

Atomic nucleus, general idea of nuclear force, artificial radio-activity .

Electronic Devices:

Thermionic emission, idea of work function, diode non-linear device, construction and characteristics, triode-construction and characteristics, Vacuum Triode.

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