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Maharishi Group's Corporate Entities

Apart from various philanthropic activities, Maharishi Group owns many business entities along with professional management in various areas. Some of the Maharishi Group companies are given below.

  • Trans Bharat Aviation Pvt.Ltd.
  • Age of Enlightenment Publications
  • Cosmic Softech Limited
  • Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Picasso Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Maharishi Ayurveda Products Ltd.
  • Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • Star Granites Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ram Rajya Clothing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Global Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Multiple TV channels telecast from Holland for European

Maharishi University of Management, USA
Maharishi University of Management is situated 50-miles to the West of Mississippi river, USA. The university campus covers 272 acre areas of land. The university is in close proximity with Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Madison. The university has international standard campus. It offers students dynamic and wholesome environment to study management courses. The university offers good teaching, living space, recreation, etc.

Secondary Education
Maharishi group is one the most successful education trusts in India. The group runs more than 200 schools and colleges across our country. The group also runs a unique series of schools for girls, Maharishi Ideal Girls Schools in India and USA.

Maharishi group runs over 200 schools and colleges throughout India. Group also runs a unique chain of schools for girls called Maharishi ideal Girls Schools in India and USA

Ajay Prakash (Chairperson, Maharishi Group)
Picasso Animation College has been established with the intention of imparting quality education in India. The aim of the college is to provide expert professionals to the fastest growing animation industry.

Picasso Animation College offers unique job oriented programmes, which is of international standards. The programmes are offered in association with Centennial College, Canada. The animation industry appreciates Picasso Animation College for its education model. The animation school employs advanced technology to teach students all the aspects of animation.

Picasso Animation College endeavors to bring out the creative potential and talent in every student. The animation college aims at nurturing new talent in India in the realm of animation. The college produces skilled students with the view of providing working professionals to the animation industry.

The animation school offers students high standard education. After completing the course, students get into the animation industry with no difficulty. Students are given practical exercises to hone fundamental skills required for animation. The animation college offers dynamic, enjoyable and fruitful campus environment with the intention of encouraging students to study well.

The college welcomes student community to join Picasso family for discovering the exciting world of creativity, digital learning and innovation. Picasso Animation College is a wonderful platform for students who wish to carve their career in the realm of animation industry.

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