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BSc in Animation and VFX

Animation and Visual Effects Program
Picasso Animation College offers a Bachelor's Degree in Animation and Visual Effects. The programme is designed and tailored with the view of imparting quality education in animation. The course aims at launching students towards a wonderful career in visual effects for television serials and films. The course incorporates a thorough information on 3D visualization and 3D animation. With the help of the course, students learn fundamentals of:

  • Art
  • 3D modeling
  • Visual effects
  • Animation design
  • Lighting
  • Texture
  • Compositing
  • Character rigging
  • Character animation

The college equips students with special training in advanced animation. The training is designed to show exemplary skills in visual effects and professional animation. Students are given ample practical exercises to reinforce their basic skills required for animation filmmaking. Students are given practical exercises in advanced technology used in animation production houses. These Visual effects software includes:

  • Nuke
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects
  • Z-Brush
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop

Objective and Description
The programme, 'Picasso Animation and Visual Effects' is designed to build skills and knowledge through an intensive spectrum of courses which cover a wide range of visual effects and animation. Students acquire knowledge with the help of experience in practical exercises. Students are given extensive practical exercises in graphic designing.

These exercises help students to explore the intricacies of an extensive variety of graphic software. Students are asked to create various assets and projects throughout the programme. Besides these projects, students need to create final project. The final project is given with the view of developing their knowledge and abilities. Students are given special training in Animation and Visual Effects. This training incorporates:

  • Video editing
  • Drawing
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Lighting
  • Texture
  • Modeling
  • Motion capture
  • Compositing
  • Dynamic effects
  • Storyboarding
  • Character rigging

The training helps students to prepare for positions in the realm of visual effects, animation, film, television, scientific visualization, video game production and other medium involved in animation and 3D graphics. Students are introduced to compositing and graphics software used in animation industry such as Adobe CS, Maya, Flash, ZBrush, Nuke, After Effects, and Mudbox. An overview of the syllabus is given below.

Semester - 1
  • Color Studies
  • Drawing Concepts
  • Character Design-1
  • History of Animation
  • Digital methodologies: Sound & Audio
  • Introduction to 2d Animation
  • Semester - 2
  • Matte Painting
  • Character Design-2
  • Advanced 2D Animation
  • Script writing and Sequential Narrative
  • Semester - 3
  • Digital Methodologies: Intro to Dynamics
  • Digital Methodologies: Character Modeling
  • Digital Methodologies: Modeling
  • Digital Methodologies: Lighting & Texturing
  • Semester - 4
  • Digital Methodologies: Character Rigging
  • Digital Methodologies: Animation
  • Digital Methodologies: Advanced Dynamics
  • Semester - 5
  • Movie Merchandising
  • Corporate Communication
  • Portfolio Developments
  • Video Editing & Compositing
  • Semester - 6
  • Movie
  • Internship

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