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MHT-CET : Physics Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Physics - Radiation Know More

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Heat energy can be transferred from one point to another by conduction, convection and radiation.

Heat waves have wavelengths in the order of 10-7 to 10-3m.

No known surface is a perfectly black body.

Fery's absorber, which is a double-walled, hollow sphere with a tiny hole or aperture, is a close     approximation of a perfectly black body.

A body which neither gains nor loses heat is said to be in a state of dynamical equilibrium.

Newton's law of cooling gives reasonably accurate results for temperature excess of about 40C.

Coefficient of absorption, reflection, transmission and emission are all quantities with no unit.

Radiation is the only mode of transfer of energy that not require a medium.

Conduction takes place mostly in solids, while convection in liquids and gases.

Newton's law of cooling can be derived from Stefan's law, if the temperature excess is small.

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