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MHT-CET : Physics Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion Glossary

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                     Periodic Motion: Any motion that repeats itself at regular intervals of time is called peridoic motion.

                     Oscillatory Motion: An periodic motion in which a body moves to and fro over the same path is called oscillatory motion.

                     Simple Harmonic Motion: An oscillatory motion in which the particle is acted upon by a force which is directed towards a fixed point in the path of the motion and which is proportional to the displacement of the body from the fixed point, is called simple harmonic motion.

                     Amplitude: The maximum displacement of the body from the mean position.

                     Time Period: The time taken for one complete oscillation.

                     Frequency: The number of oscillation per unit time.

                     Phase: The state of vibration of the particle in S.H.M.

                     Phase Constant or Epoch: The initial phase (at t = 0) of the vibratory particle.

                     Angular S.H.M.: Oscillatory motion of a body in which the body is acted upon by a restoring couple which is directly proportional to its angular displacement from the equilibrium position and directed opposite to the angular displacement.

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