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MHT-CET : Physics Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Physics - Properties of Fluids Glossary

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         Cohesion: The phenomenon of attraction between molecules of the same substance is called cohesion.

         Adhesion: The phenomenon of attraction between molecules of different substances is called adhesion.

         Cohesive Force: The mutual force of attraction between molecules of the same substance is called cohesive force.

         Adhesive Force: The mutual force of attraction between molecules of different substances is called adhesive force.

         Intermolecular Binding Energy: The minimum energy required to separate two molecules from each other's influence is called intermolecular binding energy.

         Molecular Range: The maximum distance up to which the molecular force is effective is called the molecular range.

         Molecular Forces: Molecular forces are of short range and are effective only when the distance between molecules is of the order of 10-9 m.

         Normal Distance: The distance of separation between two molecules where the intermolecular forces of attraction become zero is called normal distance.

         Sphere of Influence: If a sphere is drawn with a molecule as centre and the molecular range as radius, all molecules lying within this sphere will exert forces of attraction on each other. Such a sphere is called a sphere of influence.

         Surface Film: A thin film of a liquid near its surface that has a thickness equal to the molecular range for that liquid is called surface film.

         Cohesion Pressure: The downward cohesive force per unit area of a liquid surface is called cohesion pressure.

         Surface Tension: Surface tension is defined as the force acting normally per unit length on either side of an imaginary line drawn on the free surface of the liquid. This force is perpendicular to the line and tangential to the surface of the liquid.

         Surface Energy: The work done to increase the free surface area of a liquid by unit area under isothermal conditions is called the free surface energy of the liquid and it is numerically equal to the surface tension.

         Critical Temperature: The temperature at which the surface tension of a liquid becomes zero is called critical temperature.

         Wetting Agent: A wetting agent is a chemical used in dyeing which reduces the angle of contact between the fabric and the dye.

         Meniscus: The curved surface of a liquid when it is in contact with a solid surface is called the meniscus.

         Angle of Contact: For a liquid in contact with a solid, the angle between the surface of the solid and the tangent drawn to the free surface of the liquid at the point of contact measured from the side of the liquid is called the angle of contact.

         Capillary Tube: A tube with a very fine bore is called a capillary tube.

         Capillarity: The rise or fall of a liquid in a capillary tube is called capillarity.

         Jurin's Law: It states that the smaller the radius of a tube, greater is the rise or fall of liquid in it.






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