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MHT-CET : Physics Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Physics - Magnetic Effect of Electric Current Glossary

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         Right Hand Thumb Rule: If the thumb of the right hand points in the direction of current, and other fingers are curled around the conductor, the direction of curling fingers gives the direction of magnetic induction B at that point.

         Figure of Merit of a Galvanometer :


is called the figure of merit.



where K = 

torsional constant

n =

number of turns

A =

area of coil

B =

magnetic induction


         Relative Error :


 is called relative error.



         Shunt: A low resistance connected in parallel with a galvanometer to decrease its resistance and convert it into an ammeter.

         Ammeter: It is a low resistance device connected in series with the circuit to measure current.

         Voltmeter It is a high resistance device connected in parallel with the circuit to measure potential difference.

         Tangent Galvanometer: A tangent galvanometer is a moving magnetic type galvanometer in which current I is proportional to tan q. (q being the angle of deflection.)

         Moving Coil Galvanometer: A moving coil galvanometer is an instrument used for detection of current.

         Current Sensitivity: It is the ratio of the change in deflection to a small current flowing through the galvanometer.

SI =




         Voltage Sensitivity: It is the ratio of the change in deflection to a small potential difference applied across the galvanometer.

SV =




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