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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Silicon Know More

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Silicon as a Semi-Conductor: Silicon atom contains four electrons in its valence shell which are available for bonding. Each silicon atom is covalently bonded to three other atoms to form a giant three dimensional crystal lattice. As the electrons are fully engaged in covalent bond formation, silicon behaves as a bad conductor of heat and electricity.When enough energy is applied the strong covalent bonds are broken and the valence electrons are free to conduct electricity.

Acidic Oxides: Acidic oxides are those that react with water to produce acids and react with bases to produce salt and water. Silica reacts with water to produce orthosilicic acid and reacts with base to produce sodium silicate. Silicon being less electronegative froms a weak acidic oxide.

Bond Strength: The catenating tendency depends upon the bond strength. In Group-IV A, the size of the atom increases and the bond strength of metal-metal bond decreases on going down the group.

The bond energies of various bonds in Group-IV A are as follows:






Bond energy(kJ/mol)





Thus, the catenating tendency decreases as follows:
Carbon> Silicon > Germanium > Tin > Lead.

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