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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Ethers Know More

Reactions given by Anisole

Reaction of anisole and hydrogen halide gives
a molecule of phenol and alkyl halide and not aryl halide and alcohol. This is because the halide ion attacks the smaller alkyl group of the protonated ether that offers less steric hindrance.

The alkoxy group of anisole is ortho and para directing. When anisole is treated with a mixture of concentrated nitric and sulphuric acid, a mixture of ortho and para compounds are formed.

Bromination of anisole also gives ortho and para bromo derivatives.

Purification of Ethers

Ethers when in contact with air get converted into unstable peroxides which are highly explosive. Hence, ethers are purified before distillation. Ethers when treated with ferrous salt and potassium thiocyanate give red colour indicating the presence of peroxides.

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