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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Silicon Glossary

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                     Catenation: The tendency or the property of elements to form bonds with itself is called catenation.

                     Allotropy: The existence of an element in two or more forms in the same physical state is called allotropy. The different forms of the same element are called allotropes.

                     Bond Energy: The average amount of energy per mole required to break a particular bond in a molecule producing free atoms or radicals is called bond energy.

                     Ionisation Potential: The energy required to remove an electron from an atom in the gaseous phase is called Ionisation potential.

                     Electronegativity: The tendency of an atom in a molecule to attract electrons towards itself from a covalent bond is called electronegativity.

                     Electropositivity: The tendency of an atom to donate electrons from its outermost shell is called electropositivity.

                     Hybridisation: The process of mixing and recasting of different atomic orbitals having nearly the same energies in an isolated atom to form a new set of equal number of equivalent orbitals with maximum symmetry and definite orientation in space is called hybridisation.

                     Semiconductor: A semiconducting material has electrical conductivity intermediate between a conductor and an insulator.

                     p-block Element: Elements in which the valence electron enters the p-orbital is called a p-block element.

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