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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Aldehydes and Ketones Glossary

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                     Carbonyl Compounds: The organic compounds containing carbonyl (oxo) group, = O group as their functional group are called carbonyl compounds. General Formula: CnH2nO.

                     Aldehydes: The organic compounds containing a formyl group ( group) are called aldehydes.

                     Ketones: The organic compounds containing a carbonyl group ( = O group) attached to two hydrocarbon radicals (alkyl or aryl groups) are called ketones.

                     Simple or Symmetrical Ketone: The ketone in which the carbonyl group is attached to two identical groups is called a simple or symmetrical ketone.

                     Mixed or Unsymmetrical Ketone: The ketone in which the carbonyl group is attached to two different groups is called a mixed or unsymmetrical ketone.

                     Decarboxylation Reaction: The reaction of a carboxylic acid in which the carboxyl group of the carboxylic acid is lost is called decarboxylation reaction.

                     Condensation Reaction: The reaction in which two molecules combine to form a new molecule with the elimination of a small molecule like water molecule is called condensation reaction.

                     Self Redox Reaction: The reaction in which one reactant is reduced while the other one is oxidised is called self redox reaction.

                     Aldol Condensation: When an aldehyde or a ketone, containing a-hydrogen atom (active hydrogen), is warmed with a dilute alkali (base) or a dilute acid, b-hydroxyaldehyde or b-hydroxyketone is formed.

                     Cannizzarro Reaction: When an aldehyde, devoid of a-hydrogen atom, is warmed with a concentrated alkali, (50% NaOH or KOH), equivalent amounts of the corresponding alcohol and the acid are formed.

                     Fehling Solution: It is a mixture of equal amounts of copper sulphate solution (Fehling solution A) and alkaline solution of tartaric acid (Fehling solution B).

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