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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Adsorption and Colloids Glossary

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                     Adsorption: The process wherein a collection of the molecules or ions a type of substance on the surface of other occurs by definite cohesive forces.

                     Absorption: The process wherein there is a uniform diffusion of one substance through the bulk of another substance.

                     Colloids: A suspension of very small particles in fluid. Particles are not seen and do not settle out, but they scatter light.

                     Lyophobic Sols: The lyophobic sols are formed by substances that do not give colloidal solutions when in contact with the dispersion medium.

                     Lyophilic Sols: The dispersed phase readily passes into colloidal solution when in contact with the dispersion medium.

                     Gels: A mixture of solid and liquid, wherein, the solid forms a network that traps the liquid so that it cannot flow freely.

                     Hardy-Schulze's Rule: The coagulating power of an electrolyte increases with increase in valency of the ions added.

                     Emulsions: A mixture of two immiscible liquids where they are made miscible by an emulsifier.

                     Oil-In-Water Emulsion: This has water as the continuous phase and oil as the dispersed medium.

                     Water-In Oil Emulsion: Oil forms the continuous phase, while water is the dispersed phase.

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