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MHT-CET : Chemistry Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Chemistry - Acids and Esters Glossary

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  • Carboxylic Acids:

The organic compounds containing carboxyl group

are called carboxylic acids.

  • Monocarboxylic Acids: They contain only one -COOH group.
  • Dry Ice: Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide.
  • Dehydrating Agent: A compound which helps in the removal of a water molecule is called a dehydrating agent.
  • Esters: They are the derivatives of carboxylic acids in which the 'H' atom of -COOH group is replaced by an alkyl group.
  • Esterification Reaction: The reaction between an acid and an alcohol in the presence of traces of conc. H2SO4 to form the corresponding ester is called an esterification reaction.

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