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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Mendel's Law of Inheritance Know More

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Out Cross
When a hybrid from the first filial generation is crossed with the dominant homozygous parent it is known as an out cross. The offsprings from such a cross will show the dominant trait but their genotype will be in the ratio of 1 homozygous dominant : 1 heterozygous dominant.

Mendel's Trihybrid Experiment
In this experiment, Mendel crossed two parents differing from each other in three sets of contrasting characters. For example, in one of his experiments, he crossed pure breeding plants which had tall stems, round and yellow seeds with pure plants with dwarf stems, wrinkled and green seeds.

Incomplete Dominance

In certain plants such as Mirabilis
jalapa, when pure line with red petals is crossed with a pure line with white petals, it is observed that in the F1 generation the flowers have pink petals instead of red petals. In this cross, the red phenotype and its determining allele R is incompletely dominant over the white phenotype and its allele r.

In overdominance, the phenotype of the heterozygous individual is more extreme than that of either parent. For example, the amount of florescent eye pigment in heterozygous, white-eyed drosophila is much more than what is found in either of its parent.


In Co-dominance, the heterozygous individual shows the phenotype of both the parents. For example, in AB blood group of man, both the alleles IA and IB are equally expressed.


Two independent non-allelic genes affecting the same character of an individual interact in such a way that one masks the expression of the other. The gene which prevents the expression of the other non-allelic gene is called as epistatic and the suppressed gene is called hypostatic.

Multiple Alleles
They are three or more alternative forms of a gene (alleles) that can occupy the same locus. However, only two of the alleles can be present in a single organism. For example, the ABO system of blood groups is controlled by three alleles, only two of which are present in an individual.

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