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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Human Skeleton Know More

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1.      Exoskeleton is the external supporting and protective hard structure.

2.      Different Types of Exoskeleton are:

a.      Epidermal Exoskeleton:
Example: Scales of reptiles except, crocodile and tortoise, horns, hoofs, beak, claws, feathers, hairs, nails, etc.

b.      Dermal Skeleton:
Example: Scales of fishes, scales of amphibia, scales of crocodile and tortoise.

c.       Exoskeleton of Invertebrates:
Example: Spines, shell, corals, cuticle, etc.

3.      Hydroskeleton is made up of fluid filled cavities.
Example: In earthworm and ascaris.

4.      Endoskeleton of Vertebrates: It is the internal supporting and protective hard structure.

5.      Total 206 bones are found in a human body.

6.      Study of bone is called osteology.

7.      Bones are of 3 types:

a.      Cartilage bones

b.      Membrane or dermal bones

c.       Sesamoid bones

8.      The bones in human being form 20% of the total body weight.

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