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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Bioenergy Know More

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  • Bioenergy comprises of animal energy and biofuels.
  • Two forms of animal energy are:
    Human Muscle Power (HMP)
    Draught Animal Power (DAP).
  • The total wood consumption of the world in 1984 was about 1.7 million metric tonnes.
  • The current domestic firewood consumption in India is about 146.5 million metric tonnes. It is expected to be 258.9 million metric tonnes by 2005 AD.
  • Total number of draught animals in India is 8 million.
  • In Brazil, for the first time petrol was substituted by alcohol in automobiles.
  • Hard wood is better as fuel than soft wood.
  • The characteristics of good firewood are:

a.      high calorific value

b.      combustibility

c.       dryness

d.      free from resins, smoke and offensive colours.


  • Firewood is the most common biofuel. It is used by over half the population of the world for their daily needs. Fuel wood required per person per day is 3 kg.

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