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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Respiration Glossary

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                     Respiration:The oxidation of compounds of carbohydrates in the living cells with the release of energy in form the of heat is called respiration.

                     Mitochondrion: Oval-shaped cell organelles which are the main centres of cellular respiration.

                     Glycolysis: The first step of respiration during which glucose is broken down into pyruvic acid by various step by step changes.

                     Cristae: The folds formed by the inner membrane of mitochondrion are called cristae.

                     Oxysomes: Small, spherical, stalked bodies present on the inner membrane of mitochondrion.

                     Fermentation: It is an anaerobic oxidation-reduction process in which organic compounds like glucose are broken down into simple compounds by the activity of microorganisms.

                     Aerobic Respiration: Respiration in the presence of oxygen.

                     Anaerobic Respiration: Respiration in the absence of oxygen.

                     Redox Reaction: A reaction in which an electron acceptor gets reduced and oxidised due to acceptance and release of electrons.

                     Terminal Oxidation: The process in which hydrogen from ETS is transferred to molecular oxygen.

                     ATP: Adenosine triphosphate, is a complex compound consisting of a purine base adenine, a 5-carbon sugar, the ribose and three molecules of phosphate.

                     Glycolysis: the first phase of respiration in which glucose is broken down through a series of chemical reactions leading to the formation of pyruvic acid .

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