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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Human Population Glossary

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                     Population: Population is an assemblage of individuals of the same species occupying a particular locality at a given time.

                     Population Dynamics: Population dynamics refers to the forces that work on the population to bring about whatever changes it shows.

                     Natality: Or the birth rate refers to the rate of birth of new individuals in a population per unit time. It is expressed as the number of new additions per thousand individuals of a population in a year.

                     Mortality: Or the death rate refers to the loss of individuals from a population per unit time. It is expressed as the loss in the number of individuals per year per thousand individuals of a population.

                     Population Explosion: Tremendous increase in the number of individuals of a population is called population explosion or overpopulation.

                     Doubling Time: The time needed by a population to double itself.

                     Family Planning: The control of a family, where each family has a small number of children, say, one or two and proper spacing between two children is called family planning.

                     Immunisation: The process of making individuals immune from a disease by injecting small doses or virulent strain of germs or their toxins is called immunisation.

                     Zero Population growth: Zero population growth is the situation where natality is equal to those leaving the population.

                     Malnutrition: Disordered nutrition is called malnutrition. Malnutrition occurs due to lack of sufficient food or excessive food.

                     Communicable Disease: Disease which is easily transferred from one infected person to another person.

                     Potable Water: Water suitable for human consumption is called potable water.

                     Contraception: Prevention of pregnancy is called contraception.

                     Contraceptive: A chemical or mechanical device, which prevents conception (pregnancy) is known as contraceptive.

                     Intrauterine Device: A device inserted inside the uterus to prevent conception is intranterive device.

                     Vasectomy: Removal of all or a segment of vasa deferentia is called vasectomy.

                     Tubectomy: Removal of all or a segment of fallopian tube is called tubectomy.

                     Immigration: It is the entry of additional persons into the existing population from outside.

                     Emigration: It is the departure of some persons from existing population.

                     Demography: The branch of population study dealing with the quantitative aspect of human population is called demography.

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