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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Human Evolution Glossary

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                     Morphological Evidence: Evidence in the form.

                     Anatomical Evidence: Evidence in the bodily structure.

                     Palaeontological Evidence: Evidence in the study of fossils.

                     Arboreal: Animals living on trees.

                     Marsupials: Marsupials are mammals that carry their young ones in a pouch. For example, kangaroos and opossums.

                     Placentals: Placentals are mammals in which the foetus is attached to the wall of the womb and nourished by an organ called placenta.

                     Stereoscopic Vision: A three-dimensional vision, where the distance and the depth can be perceived.

                     Mammary Glands: Milk-producing glands in mammals are called mammary glands.

                     Insectivorous: Insect-eating animals are insectivorous animals.

                     Nocturnal: Animals who are active in the night are nocturnal animals.

                     Tarsals: Tarsals are the ankle bones.

                     Carnivores: Carnivores are animals feeding on other animals.

                     Herbivores: Herbivores are animals feeding on producers or green plants.

                     Quadrupedal: These are the animals walking on four legs.

                     Cranium: Cranium is the brain box.

                     Fossils: The remains or the prints or impressions of the hard parts of plants or animals belonging to prehistoric times that have become hardened in rocks are called fossils.

                     Palaeontology: The study of fossils to determine the structure and evolution of distinct animals and plants is called palaeontology.

                     Strata: Different layers of earth are called strata.

                     Invertebrate: Animals without a vertebral column are called invertebrates.

                     Skull-cap: Top of the skull.

                     Prognathism: Prognathism means projecting jaws.

                     Bipedal: Animal walking on two legs is called bipedal.

                     Sagittal Crest: Sagittal crest is a bony ridge along the top of the skull running from front to back. It is used for attachment of muscles.

                     Dentition: Dentition is the set of teeth in an animal.

                     Larynx: Larynx is the voice-box.

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