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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Evolution Glossary

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                     Mutation: Mutation is a random change in the base sequence of DNA.  

                     Adaptation: Adaptation is any characteristic which is advantageous to an organism or a population and which helps to adjust itself to the environment in which it lives.  

                     Speciation: Speciation is the formation of new species from pre-existing simple species.  

                     Gene Pool: Gene pool is the total number of genes present in a population.  

                     Homologous Organs: Homologous are those organs which have similar origin as well as basic structure but are differently adapted to perform different functions. For example, legs in different insects, human teeth.  

                     Analogous Organs: Analogous organs are those organs which perform similar function but different basic structure and origin. For example, wings of a bird and insect.  

                     Connecting Links: Connecting links are those living organisms which possess characters of two different group of animals.

                     Vestigial Organs: Vestigial organs are the organs which are non-functional in an organism but which are functional in related animals.

                     Atavism: Atavism is the reappearance or refunctioning of some vestigial organs. For example, appearance of tail in human being.  

                     Fossils: Fossils are the remains of hard parts of ancient animals which are found preserved in some rocks or in any other place.  

                     Geological Time Scale: From the origin of earth till date, time has been divided into a scale. This scale is called geological time scale.  

                     Missing Links: Missing links are those extinct organisms which had the characters of two different group of animals.  

                     Palaeontology: Is the study of fossils.  

                     Crossing over: The exchange of segments between the non-sister chromatids of homologus chromosomes.  


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