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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Domestication of Plants Glossary

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                     Clone: A variety which is propagated vegetatively from a single original stock is known as a clone.

                     Condiment: A substance used to flavour or complement food.

                     Colchicine: It is a complex chemical compound which is widely used to induce polyploidy or chromosome-doubling.

                     Diploids: Individuals containing two sets of chromosomes.

                     Haploids: Individuals containing one set of chromosomes.

                     Polyploids: Individuals containing more than two sets of chromosomes.

                     Emasculation: It is the process of removal of anthers from a flower before they shed their pollen.

                     Totipotency: A cell which is capable of dividing and regenerating an entire organism from it is called totipotent and this property of the cell is called totipotency.

                     Callus: During tissue culture, a cell or a tissue gives rise to an undifferentiated mass of tissue called callus.

                     Cybrid: A hybrid formed by the fusion of cytoplasm.

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