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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Classification Glossary

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         Systematics: Scientific domain which deals with either any or all relationships among the organisms.

         Morphospecies: Morphologically well-differentiated species with weak reproductive isolation are called morphospecies.

         Biological Species: The species which show interbreeding and are reproductively isolated from other groups are called biological species.

         Phylum: In animal classification, the category 'division' is called phylum.

         Taxon: It designates any category of any rank such as species, genus, family, order, etc.

         Specific Epithet: It is the second part of the scientific name of an organism.

         Phylogeny: Evolutionary history.

         Numerical Taxonomy: Using numerical methods for grouping taxonomic units.

         Chemotaxonomy: Grouping of plants according to their biochemical peculiarities, is called chemotaxonomy..

         Taxonomical Hierarchy: Ranking of a group of organisms one above the other.

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