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MHT-CET : Biology Entrance Exam

MHT - CET : Biology - Biotechnology Glossary

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                     Fermentation : Process in which chemical changes are brought about in an organic substrate by the action of enzymes, secreted by some micro-organisms.

                     Biomass: Organic matter of living organisms which is used as a source of energy.

                     Biogas: Gas produced by the action of bacteria.

                     Culture: Growth of cells or micro-organisms produced in a laboratory under controlled conditions.

                     Sterilisation: Complete elimination or destruction of all living micro-organisms.

                     Inoculum: Addition of pure culture of micro-organisms.

                     Pure Culture: Growth of only one type of micro-organism.

                     Enzyme: A protein that catalyses chemical reactions without itself being destroyed on completion of reactions.

                     Antibiotics: Antibiotics are complex organic compounds produced by some micro-organisms which kill or inhibit the growth of other micro-organisms.

                     Vitamins: Organic substances occurring in many foods that are required in trace amounts for the proper growth and development of the body.

                     Fermentor or bioreactor: The vessel in which fermentation is carried out.

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