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Sound Recording and Engineering

Sound engineering is a part of acoustic science that deals with the reproduction and recording of sound. The module, sound recording and engineering, incorporates various disciplines including psychoacoustics, electrical engineering, music and acoustics. Acoustical engineering deals with acoustical design or noise control. On the other hand, audio engineering does not deal with any of the above-mentioned acoustical disciplines.

Audio engineering is associated more with the technical and creative aspects of audio than formal engineering. An audio engineer ought to be well conversant with various types of recording media including digital multi track recorder, analog type, computer knowledge and workstations.

The module consists of theoretical as well as practical exercises, where students are given ample exposure to rise up as an expert professional in the realm of sound engineering. The expert sound engineers are in great demand. After completing the course, students get into film and television industry without any difficulty. They carve their bright career in sound designing. A director needs skilled professional sound engineers to execute his/her task.

The institute organizes training sessions and invites working professionals from the entertainment industry. Media Minds students avail this facility and interact with these professional sound engineers. A sound engineer has to deal with the team including:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Line producer
  • Editor
  • Actors
  • Artist

Sound Recording and Engineering module helps students learn all the required technical aspects of sound and its importance in the production of motion picture. Students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of sound designing. Students are taught, the role of sound designer in the process of filmmaking.

The module introduces various tactics of sound designing. It also introduces advanced technology used in sound engineering. Students are given practical exercises to hone their fundamental skills required for producing a creative project. They are also taught mixing and recording for moving pictures in digital surround formats. Students are given hands-on practice in microphone techniques, soundtrack design and sounding editing.

The work of a sound designer is very crucial in the process of filmmaking. Students are taught how sound effects a particular scene. It is sound, that creates various moods in the film such as horror, romance, fighting, peace and so on. There is no song without music in a film. Therefore, sound is used to create different expressions in a film. Media Minds offers following benefit to students.

  • Students get to study various DV and HD cameras
  • Students do not need to possess previous knowledge
  • Exposure to lighting, multi-camera set up and shooting
  • Thorough practical exercises with theory and its application
  • Camera operation and lighting for film and television
  • Shooting on HDV, Digital, DSR 400, D55, DSR 450, 35 and 16 mm Arriflex cameras

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