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Course Structure for Cinematography

Media Minds offers a course in Cinematography, which ensures that after completing the course, students will be able to understand the world of cinematography. The course curriculum for cinematography covers the following aspects.

  • Basic still photography
  • History: Cinema and Camera
  • Lensing
  • Visual eye
  • Lighting
  • Videography
  • Shooting on film cameras
  • Shooting for chroma

Basic Still Photography
The art of cinematography draws from knowledge of still photography. Media Minds students are taught the basics of still photography. The course enables students to understand the fundamentals of photography. It is very important that a cinematographer should be good at photography. He/she ought to know the basic ideas such as exposure, framing, depth of field, shutter speeds, lensing etc.

Students are given an opportunity to create the solid foundation of cinematography by means of practicing still camera. Students are given training in advanced camera used in film industry. The practice facilitates students to work in the live environment of filmmaking.

Students are given hands-on practice with the purpose of providing them with live environment of shooting. They are taught how to use a particular camera. The institute organizes workshops and training sessions to help students understand the concept of cinematography in a better way.

History: Cinema and Cameras
This module helps students to know about history of cinema and cameras. It introduces students to the art of cinematography. The module includes open discussion with focus on cameras and the techniques of old cinema. It lays importance on how the camera was used in the past to produce a creative film and the contemporary use of camera for filmmaking.

The module enables students to understand the history of camera in brief. It helps them to review the history of cinema and the role of camera in the process of filmmaking. Students are allowed to exchange their ideas and thoughts in this session.

Media Minds teaches students the fundamentals of lensing. Lensing is straightly connected to the emotional response of viewers. The lens plays an important role in the image magnification, the area of coverage, the depth of field, plane of focus etc. The lens is used to capture the subtle variations of textures and light. Students learn the artistic fundamentals of lens. Students are taught that lensing is the vital part in shot taking.

Students are given practical exercises in shooting a particular scene using a variety of lens. The aim of this exercise is to facilitate students to understand various usages of lens. Students are taught how they can shoot any scene creatively using lens. They are also taught the use of lens in mise-en-scene and shot break down. Media Minds is the right place to learn fundamentals of cinematography.

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