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Animation is an inseparable part of any film and television programme. It is a rapid display sequence of images of 3D or 2D model to produce an illusion of movement. Animation is an optical illusion of motion owing to the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Animation is presented in various forms including video programme, motion picture, etc.

Media Minds offers a course in animation. The course focuses on many elements of digital animation filmmaking. The course facilitates students to develop their creativity required for animation. The course helps students to reinforce their fundamental cinematic skills. The course curriculum includes a combination of filmmaking and animation. The course also incorporates theoretical as well as practical exercises. Upon completing the course, students get into animation industry with no difficulty.

Students are given practical exercises such as creating clay characters and then modifying them into 2D and 3D animation. Students are taught how to develop a story and create characters related to it. Students learn fundamental of animation filmmaking. They are given ample hands-on exercises to hone basic skills. Media Minds has an authentic course in animation.

Everyone likes the famous animation characters like Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, etc. This is the reason why the animation industry is growing. The animation industry needs skilled professionals. Advanced Digital Technology has made animation films to acquire high business arena. There is bright future for animators in the film and television industry.

In the film and television industry, an animator is responsible to create animation required for a particular scene. Today, animation industry has grown up in such a way that it is very difficult to differentiate an animated scene from a real one. Media Minds provides a complete course that teaches 3D animation using advanced software including:

  • Maya
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Combustion

With the help of above-listed software, students finish their practical work. They are given, special training in sophisticated software. The institute organizes workshops, seminars, events and training sessions with the purpose of providing students with good exposure to animation. Media Minds offers following benefits to students.

  • Students do not need previous knowledge. However, computer knowledge is an added advantage
  • The intensive course in editing covers all the elements of editing
  • Solid theoretical foundation with special focus on high cinematic and aesthetic standard
  • Fundamental and advanced editing formats for serials, feature films, videos, music videos, documentaries, corporate films, ad films, etc.
  • Extensive practical exercises in editing for film and video
  • Students get their practical work as their demo reel
  • The institute organizes various extra-curricular activities for students to rise up as good editors

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