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Video Editing and Composing

Editing is a wonderful work in filmmaking. Editing is one of the aspects of filmmaking that falls under post-production phase. The work of editing involves connecting logical sequences, combining shots, etc. to finish motion picture. An editor has to be creative at the time of editing, as he/she needs to use logic to execute the task.

Mad Arts offers a course in video editing and composing. The course syllabus is designed to impart high standard education in the field of editing. The course contains thorough information on video editing. The course also incorporates practical exercises to enhance student's basic skills required for video editing and composing. The syllabus of the course facilitates students to understand the concept of editing.

A film is made using various shots. A director instructs the editor to arrange shots sequentially and an editor is responsible for arranging the shots. A climax of a film can be shot earlier and the beginning shot at the end of the film. It is done based on the availability of actors, locations and many other factors. It is editor's responsibility to interlace every part logically, chop off needless footage and make the film complete.

Course Overview
Mad Arts course curriculum for editing is well built. Students are provided with new software for editing. Students are given training in editing so that they become accustomed to needs of the entertainment industry. The course helps students to elevate from an operator to an expert editor. The film school uses software including:

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere is very common and easy to use software in editing. Students are given special training in this software. The training in this software enhances student's basic skills required for editing.


  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Tools Techniques to show Depth
  • Filter effects
  • Colour Correction
  • Photo Retouching/ Photo Effects
  • Files- opening, saving, importing, exporting, File Formats and their spheres of usage

Final Cut Pro
Apple produced the software, Final Cut Pro. It is widely used for editing. Students are given training in this advanced software.

This compositing software works amazingly when joined together with editing power of FCP. Mad Arts students are equipped with every latest software to execute their practical exercises. After completing the course, students are able to work on any kind of software used in editing.

Unique Editing Course
Mad Arts has enjoyable, creative and lively atmosphere where students of various disciplines including animation, direction, cinematography and acting work together, interact on their respective field, exchange thoughts and ideas, produce creative projects and work in a team as well as seperately. Students are taught how to achieve comedy timing, as timing is the most important element in performing any character.

The film school organizes workshops where prominent working professionals are invited to interact with students. These experts help students to grow as up good editors. The film school has experienced and dedicated faculty as well. Students make their basics clear by taking practical exercises. The film school maintains the balance between theoretical and practical sessions. Students produce creative short films where they use software including:

  • FCP
  • Motion
  • Adobe Premier
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop

Mad Arts is one of the best film schools for making a career in the film and television industry.

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