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Television Satire

Jaspal Bhatti has one more super hit serial to his credit, 'Thank You Jijaji, on television. Bhatti played a lead role in the serial where he was typical Jijaji. A brief story of the serial goes here.

Bhatti is the brother-in-law of a senior most bureaucrat Mr. Sandhu who is very honest, strict government servant, whom the department dreads. Sandhu always feels stressed by his brother-in-law, Jaspal Bhatti who is not very well educated and is a social worker. Bhatti plays tricks like recommending unworthy candidates to Mr. Sandhu for his favour. When Sandhu rejects to compromise, Bhatti creates fuss in the family complaining that Jija has been insulted.

A number of hilarious episodes are interlaced to present the programme. The episodes are based upon general issues like relationships, work culture in government organizations, etc. The serial was telecast on Sony SAB TV.

Shah Ji Ki Advice
It is also one of the outstanding performances by Jaspal Bhatti. The serial is undoubtedly comic in nature. Bhatti played a role of 'Shahji' who has the habit of giving unnecessary advice. How his advice causes riots in the middle class decent family, is presented in a hilarious way.

Full Tension
Jaspal Bhatti has a firm command over his dialogue delivery. He decorates his performance by employing parodies, jokes, skits, anchoring, satire, etc. The serial was popular across the country. Everyone started adoring the talented satirist. The skilled comedians played in the serial include:

  • Savita Bhatti
  • Jaspal Bhatti
  • Vivek Shauq
  • B.N. Sharma
  • Brijesh Ahuja

Jaspal Bhatti started his career in the world of newspaper in 1982. He accepted the job of a cartoonist. His first cartoon appeared in a prominent national English Daily, 'The Tribuen'. Bhatti's analytic caricature continued for progressive 5-6 years on the front page of the English Daily. Then, he introduced pocket cartoons, 'Oddly Speaking' that hit out at the depression in the contemporary society. He revealed corruption and hypocrisy through his outstanding comic strips. Bhatti's work was noticed by renowned cartoonist Abu Abraham and he included some of the Bhatti's works in the book titled 'Indian Cartoons'. Penguin Books published the book.

Today, Jaspal Bhatti's popularity reached the peak, as a result his work is now available in cassettes. The list of audiocassettes is given below.

  • Catch out - it is a hilarious commentary on the most popular game in India, Cricket. The cassettes also include humorous comment on Police, Kitty Parties and Unemployment.
  • Full Tension - It includes hilarious spoofs on Beggars, Health, Politics and Alcoholism.
  • Hawala Party Zindabad - It has an incisive and detailed look at the hawala scam. It includes parodies, interviews and skits, related to the hawala issue.

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