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Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers a course in Animation and VFX. The course curriculum includes various projects where students have an excellent opportunity to show their potential. The aim of the projects is to offer students a platform to explore their skills. The projects cover following aspects of animation filmmaking.

Specialization Projects and Workshops
The workshop and projects give importance to the specialization chosen by students. Students can study specialization subjects including:

  • Vfx
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Texturing
  • Rendering
  • Rigging
  • Assembly

Show Reel Creation
Mad Arts has a counseling cell. The cell helps students to create their own video show reels. It steers them to carve a bright career in the animation industry. Mad Arts students produced a creative animation film 'Nanhi Chidiya'. The animation film is the best example to understand how Mad Arts converted students' creative talent into motion picture.

Career Opportunity
Once students complete the course in animation filmmaking, they are placed at various animation production houses. Animators have multiple job opportunities in not only films but also other production houses. Film animation is possibly the most rapidly upcoming field with the gaming industry. Today, animation industry has occupied every area of motion picture. One can take a shot with the help of animation effectively. Animation helps to create an illusion of anything. It is not possible to identify whether the scene is real or an animation.

VFX and Compositing
Students can make their career in the field of VFX and Compositing. Visual effects (VFX) are inseparable part of every film and television programme. Without VFX, it is not possible to create a desired environment in a film or television programme. Students use chroma-blue screen green screen, stylized credits and colour correction to execute their practical assignment.

News and Television Graphics
The increasing number of television channels have maximized career opportunities in animation. These television channels need expert graphic designers and animators.

Architectural Designing
Architectural designing refers to a computer-based experience of moving through a three-dimensional model of building by way of displaying images of model.

Game Art
Students are taught how to make a concept for various games, design characters, create environment.

Graphic Designing
Students can make their career in the field of graphic designing. Every animation production house requires skilled graphic designers. As a graphic designer, students get to play with typography, page layout techniques and visual arts in an innovative way to create something totally new. Graphic designing is used in different areas such as advertisement, web design, magazine, product packaging, etc. Compositing is an important aspect of graphic design, particularly, when making use of different materials.

Web Designing
The emergence of internet has occupied almost every area such as business, education, finance, health, etc. An expert graphic designer can make his/her career as a web designer. The responsibility of a website designer is to create a website that presents texts and graphics for the target audiences. Mad Arts is the right place to learn fundamentals of web designing.

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