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Radio Jockeying

Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers a course in Radio Jockeying. The course involves learning how to handle talk shows where an RJ is supposed to choose the suitable music to set with the present theme of the ongoing conversation with guests. The course curriculum for radio jockeying is designed and modified with the purpose of providing students with the advanced trends and techniques of radio jockeying.

The course is unique and cohesion of latest techniques, modern equipment and experienced dedicated faculty. The film school equips students with suitable learning environment that is required, if students wish to make their career in the field of radio jockeying. The course curriculum includes fine mixture of theoretical and practical exercises. The course enables students to experiment something in a novice way. Every student needs to take a project. The project is designed with the view of enhancing student's knowledge of radio jockey.

Mad Arts not only lays emphasis on producing RJs but also skilled professionals who can accept any responsibility as a radio jockey. The responsibility of an RJ is to interact with hosts by telephone, online or face-to-face. An RJ has to be very eloquent with sense of humour. The film school organizes workshops and seminars for students where working professionals are invited. These professionals help students to develop all skills for radio jockey. The course curriculum covers following aspects of the subject.


  • The orientation programme aims at providing students with fundamentals of entertainment industry.

Sound for Radio

  • The module lays emphasis on various aspects of sound like loudness, timbre, quality of sound, pitch, etc.

Scripting and Content Preparation
Scripting consists of various types of radio scripts like different links to interlace the programme. It also comprises of interviews with celebrities, content for anchoring in various moods, understanding formatting live broadcasting, intricacies of comedy anchoring.

Sound Equipment
The module helps students to acquire knowledge about functions and descriptions of many types of sound equipments. After completing this module, students will be able to understand different types of sound devices and their functions. Students are given practical exercises in various advanced sound equipments including:

  • Earphones
  • Microphones
  • Audio mixers
  • Headphones
  • Effective machine forms

Speech Training
Mad Arts organizes training in speech. Students are taught tones in sound like rising tone and falling tone. The module helps students to understand the sound mechanism. With the help of practical exercises, students develop their skills. students are taught the importance of pausing and punctuation.

Voice Diction
The technique of voice is different from the technique of speech. The module aims at developing student's articulation techniques. The purpose of 'voice diction' is to produce skilled professionals.

Radio Production
The module facilitates students to design, write, record and play with sound editing for various radio programmes.

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