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Internship Programme

Mad Arts provides students an internship programme. Students who are pursuing education in radio jockey get a one-month exclusive training with foremost radio stations. The programme aims at developing student's skills by providing them with live experience of radio jockeying. The major aim of this internship programme is to make students put into practice, whatever they have been taught throughout the course. The professional programme assists students to understand the importance of meeting deadlines, corporate disciplines, work culture and learning to work in a group and individually.

An internship programme is an excellent opportunity for students to show their talent. They can express their thoughts and ideas through communication. Students can make a mark through their eloquence. It could be a good opportunity for a student who unfolds his/her potential to get a placement from the top radio stations. It must be noted that the deserving students shall be recommended to the radio stations. The course covers following aspects of radio jockey.

  • New
  • Sound
  • Voice Diction
  • Speech Training
  • Scripting

Career Opportunity
Radio Jockey is a challenging career option. Many radio channels have opened employment opportunity to students. After completing the course, students get into rewarding career of radio jockeying. Mad Arts students are taught how to appear for an interview. They are also taught tricks of presenting himself/herself in the interview.

Radio jockeying has been one of the best ways to show your communication skills. In the last four years, Radio jockeying has come up in a very big way in the country. Therefore, it has become one of the most interesting and high remunerating professions. There are few professions where you have fun along with knowledge on diverse topics. Radio jockeying is one of the professions where you will get information on various issues such as news, current events in your home city, sports events information and so on.

With many radio stations coming up in the last 3-4 years, RJ has become the trend of new era. Upon completing the course, students are placed at various radio stations. However, the selection of a student is totally depends on his/her potentials. The film school provides students with the placement assistance.

Part Time Courses
Mad Arts offers part-time courses too. The list of these courses is given below.

Digital Film Making
The duration of the course is six weeks. It is a two-hour workshop from Monday to Friday. The course introduces the fundamentals of filmmaking. Students are given practical exercises where they need to create an innovative project.

Overview of Final Cut Pro
The duration of the course is four weeks. It is a two-hour workshop from Monday to Friday. The course equips students with fundamentals of editing software.

Acting for Theatre and Camera
The course duration is three months. It is a two-hour workshop on acting. Students learn basics of acting. Students are given practical exercises both in front of the camera and in the theatre.

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