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Jaspal Bhatti is the director of Mad Arts. He is widely known as social satirist. He contributed his life to the field of satire and humour. He has his own style of delivering the dialogues. He is well known for his meaningful comedy and parody presented upon fanatic corruption, anatomize social evils, made fun of corrupt politician, and insincere government officers. Jaspal Bhatti not only made people laugh but also made them realize their insanity though print and electronic media. Some of his famous programmes are given below.

Television Satire
Jaspal Bhatti wrote, produced and directed famous television serials such as 'Ulta-Pulta', 'Thank You Jijaji', 'Full Tension' and 'Full Show'. Jaspal Bhatti has introduced a new concept of humour on the small screen. Bhatti has critic acclamations for his performance. One of the leading media critics, Amrita Malik praises him by saying that, Bhatti has the right style for television, he has fabulous humour and knows the art of ruthlessly presenting corruption in our country. His style exposes true nature of hypocritical Indian politicians.

Most probably, Ulta-Pulta is the first popular television programme in the country. It was characterized by a tow min. stand up section with a twenty seconds skit on the same subject. Jaspal Bhatti is a well known cartoonist too. His experience as a cartoonist helped him in this short two-three minutes capsule. Bhatti presented the show in his own style. He put lots of humour in Ulta-Pulta. People were dying to laugh whenever they watched the programme. The purpose of this programme was not only to entertain audiences but also to make them aware of corruption they are surrounded by. After the success of the programme, Jaspal Bhatti has been called Ulta-Pulta man.

Flop Show
Flop Show is one of the most popular comedy serials on the Indian television. Though the name of the programme was flop show, it has got tremendous popularity across the country. Bhatti established himself as a great satirist in India. Bhatti's work made people aware of how the Indian democracy is. Bhatti has portrayed funny and realistic pictures of deceitful Indian politicians. He focuses on the dishonest part of greedy officers.

The Flop Show was a great hit, which has gathered huge TRPs. The specialty of the programme was that its episode started with an opening enactment, a lengthy skit and ending with a parody. The programme was worth becoming popular without any marketing strategy. Every today, the programme is widely browsed on YouTube. Major characters contributed to the show including Jaspal Bhatti, Vivek Shauq and Savita Bhatti. Jaspal Bhatti used all his humour tricks in the show. Today, it remains one of the finest satirical programmes.

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