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Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers various courses in filmmaking. Each course is well designed and modified to equip students with quality education in the field of the entertainment. A list of courses is given below.

  • Director Techniques
  • Video Editing
  • Acting Fundamentals
  • 3D Animation and VFX
  • Camera and Lighting
  • Radio Jockeying
  • Part-time Courses
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • 3D Architectural Designing

Director Techniques
Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers a course in Director Techniques. The course curriculum includes theoretical and practical exercises. It incorporates a number of techniques in directing. The course helps students to get into the film and television industry.

A director is a person responsible for producing a creative project. He/she has to interact with crewmembers including actors, producers, cinematographers, editors, etc. A good director ought to know almost every aspects of filmmaking. He/she is responsible for taking hundred percent from each crewmember.

The course in direction explicates the whole film process in a simple and understandable way. Students learn various techniques of directing a film that facilitates them to make finest use of actors and technical crew. Students are taught shot compositions and fundamentals of filmmaking with the help of specially modified tutorials. Students have to take various projects which ensure that they become good directors.

The film school believes that good directors cannot be produced in the span of three months. However, Mad Arts shows students the path, which helps them reinforce their basic techniques and skills required for becoming good directors.

Course Module

The module helps students to visualize the written script on the film or TV screen in the form of motion picture.

Film Grammar
The module enables students to understand the rules of film language by which a story is explained through sound and pictures on screen.

Camera and Lighting Techniques
The module facilitates students to understand different light techniques used for creative scenes.

Shot Compositions
The module dedicates to all the compositional rules that reinforces the visual mood of the scene.

Shot Division
The module places importance on the duration and accurate cutting point of interplay in shot.

With the help of this module, students understands the basics of screenwriting. Students learn how to develop a particular scene to achieve the objective of a film.

Directing Actors
After completing this module, students will be able to understand an actor's talent, capacity, motivation, limitation, etc. for maximum performance.

Code of Production
The module lays emphasis on production cycle. It explains how a production phase comes into function from thoughts and ideas to execute motion pictures for audiences.

Film Analysis and Film Appreciation
It helps students to understand the art of studying a film from the masterpieces of cinema.

Exciting Projects
Students are given project assignments like short film direction, which provides them with thorough craft, art, techniques and skills of filmmaking.

Career Opportunities
Today, the Indian film industry produces more films than any other film industry in the world. Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of filmmakers in the industry. Students have an excellent opportunity to enter music, films, sitcoms, tele-films, family dramas, short films, etc. Mad Arts supports students to get into the fascinating world of filmmaking. There is ample scope for dedicated candidates to make a career in the entertainment industry.

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