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Career Opportunities in Acting

Acting is one of the best professions in the film and television industry. It is not possible to create a film or television programme without actors. An actor has to play multiple roles in a film such as lead actor, side actor, antagonist, protagonist, etc. A good actor has to be versatile to execute any kind of role. Therefore, an actor is inseparable part of any film.

Today, actors are in great demand. Many actors in the entertainment industry take over 70 crores per film. Mad Arts provides students a platform to acquire the knowledge of acting. The film school has experienced and dedicated faculty to teach students. The faculty helps students in every possible way. Students are asked to play challenging roles under the watchful eye of highly experienced working professionals.

Mad Arts students get an excellent opportunity to work with the prominent comedian Jaspal Bhatti. Bhatti has a production house that has given super hits such as 'Flop Show' 'Ulta-Pulta' 'Thank You Jijaji' and 'Full Tension'. The production house has always encouraged new talent.

Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School has produced a sitcom 'Thank Your Jijaji' for SONY SAB TV. The sitcom is created with the intention of providing students with live experience of filmmaking. Students played major roles in the serial. It was a true attempt by the film school to provide students an authentic placement opportunity. These kinds of programmes are organized by very few film schools.

An increasing number of multiplexes and entertainment channels broadened the opportunity for actors. The emergence of television channels has multiplied opportunities for actors. Television channels telecast shows like music based shows, reality shows, entertainment shows, comedy shows, etc. which needs actors. Therefore, actors have tremendous scope in the field of film and television.

Career Opportunities in Editing
The emergence of television channels has employed new talent. Students who have completed their degree/diploma in the field of editing get the job in the entertainment industry. Animation production house, news channel and film production house need skilled editors. Today, every documentary maker or news producer needs expert editors. There are production houses, which need editors including:

  • UTV
  • Mukta arts
  • Sahara Group Sony
  • Sur Network
  • Walt Disney
  • BMS
  • Star Channel
  • PTC
  • Universal
  • Zee Telefilms
  • Indiatimes
  • ADLabs
  • Nimbus Communications

Students who are doing a course in editing have bright future. There are multiple film and television production houses, which require talented editors. It is not possible to give final touch to any film without editing. Therefore, editors are needed in every motion picture company. Mad Arts students are taught how to execute editing task without harming the original script.

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