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Acting Fundamentals

Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers a course in Acting. The course is designed to impart quality education in the field of acting. Acting cannot be taught, however, one can be a good actor by practice. Everyone has inborn acting talent that is nurtured by the film school.

Acting is one of most challenging jobs in the process of filmmaking. An actor is said to be a puppet in the hands of a director. Acting needs students to be at the pinnacle of his/her mental and physical level. An actor should be good at:

  • Observation
  • Characterization
  • Fitness
  • Discipline
  • Sense of Timing

The programme of acting fundamentals includes intensive practical exercises, workshops and seminars that help students to sharpen their acting skills. Mad Arts students learn the performing art by taking aid from camera information, lighting setups and professional studio sets. Students are taught, voice and body language thoroughly with inputs of music, yoga, dance and stunts.

The aim of the course is to improve the actor's knowledge by teaching the application of costumes and makeup. Students are required to take part in various projects along with final fiction project. Students can take the final project as their original portfolio. Upon completing the course, students are guided to get his/her portfolio made from working professionals. After completing the course, students get into the film and television industry. They work as a lead actor, side actor etc.

Course Module

Action Reaction Concept
The module consists of exercises in action and reaction concept. This practice helps students to perform well in the film, especially, genre of comedy.

Voice Culture and Diction
In this module, students are given exercises in voice culture and diction. They are taught how to use rising and falling tone effectively.

Body Language
Body language plays an important role in visual communication. It creates expression, impression and lets the audience understand movement of motion picture.

The film school organizes special workshops that focus on characterization. The aim of the workshops is to enable students to understand their role and character.

Yoga incites mind, soul and body for achieving mental and physical excellence. Yoga helps students to concentrate their work.

Dance for Films
In this module, students are taught various dance forms. The module helps students to learn fundamentals of dance such as rhythm and beat.

Stunts and Fights
The module facilitates students to reinforce excitement. Students are taught how to perform well in fighting scenes.

Enactments and workshops
The enactments and workshops enhance dramatic skills of students. These workshops help students to understand the concept of acting and develop their ability.

Film Analysis and Film Appreciation
Film appreciation and analysis help students to judge a film perfectly. In this module, students are made to analyze films critically.

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