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3D Animation and VFX

Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School offers a course in Animation and VFX. The duration of the course is 18 months. There are three batches in a week. The course teaches required software such as Maya and 3DS Max. Students practice new and exciting tutorials designed by expert team. The course curriculum is designed and tailored with the view of imparting quality education in the field of animation.

Mad Arts students get to learn a lot during the course. They are taught fundamentals of animation filmmaking. Besides training in advanced software used in animation production houses, Mad Arts lays importance on comedy skills, storytelling, film grammar, etc. that constitute the backbone of animation filmmaking. For students who are willing to learn new genre of animation, Mad Arts is the right place to demonstrate their ideas.

Students who are interested in making career in the field of animation must develop their imagination power. The film school provides students with all required facilities including:

  • Film studio
  • Apple FCP editing machines
  • Latest workstations
  • Digital audio studio
  • Biggest internship programme
  • Latest high definition equipment
  • Strong specialized curriculum

The course focuses on improving student's drawing skills, as drawing is the most important aspect of any animation filmmaking. An animator must be good at sketching different pictures, which express their mood and other expressions. Upon completing the course module, students are required to choose his/her area of specialization. Mad Arts organizes workshops and seminars that focus on the area of specialization. Every student is required to participate in this programme. The course structure is given below.

Module - I
The module teaches picture sketches, drawing and illustrations that facilitate students to understand the construction and formation of the subject. Students are taught how to develop a story and convert it into motion picture. The module covers aspects including:

  • Story and screenplay development
  • Concept development
  • Basics of clay animation
  • Understanding basics of film
  • Storyboarding and drawing

Module - 2
The module introduces the world of 3D software. The module includes training in various software used in prominent animation film production houses. Students are given extensive practical exercises to hone basic skills. The software includes:

  • Adobe Premier CS3
  • Maya
  • Adobe Photograph
  • 3DS Max

Module - 3
The module includes exercises in compositing software. It enables students to create amazing formations. Students are given practical exercises in various 3D animation and compositing software. The module enhances student's skills and makes them capable of working with leading animation film production houses. Students are given chance to combine various visual perspectives. Mad Arts uses advanced software including:

  • Combustion
  • After Effects

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