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Amity Moot Court Competition

Moot court is something that teaches students how to act or react upon when he/she is practicing in the court. To be a successful lawyer, it is very necessary for a student know how to face situations. Students should also be aware of the rules and etiquettes of a court, the place where they are supposed to perform. Therefore, moot court is an arena which provides an opportunity to students to incorporate essential law skills to carry out the task in a triumphant way.

The soul of every moot court is to sharpen law dexterity and craft them to be a good lawyer. Amity Law School strives to hone students' law skills by making them take part in renowned moot court competitions organized by various reputed universities and law schools in and outside Delhi too. Besides, the school also organizes a number of moot court competitions to make good lawyers in the country. Amity School has an imposing record of achievement in moot court competition.

In the year of 2001-02, students of Amity law school have made a mark in All Delhi Moot Court Competition by winning:

  • First prize for best team
  • Best Mooter
  • Best Memorials

This moot court competition was held in Delhi which was organized by the GGS IP University.

In the year of 2003-04, Amity made its mark by winning:

  • Second Best Performance Prize
  • Second Best Performance Prize

The above competitions were organized by the GGS IP University and Campus Law Center, Delhi.

Finally, in the year of 2003-04, Amity made its mark by wining several prizes at national level. These prizes are:

In Bangalore

  • First prize for Best Gentleman Advocate
  • Second prize for Best Performance
  • Second prize for Best Memorial

In Mumbai

  • Second Best Performance Prize

This Moot Court Competition was organized by Government Law College, Mumbai.

In Aurangabad

  • Second Best Performance Prize

This competition named 'All India Moot Court Competition' which was organized by the M.P. Law College, Aurangabad.

Amity law school has won several prestigious prizes at national level. The school also organizes national level moot court competitions in which students from reputed law schools/universities take part. Amity receives a large amount of nominations for participations from many law institutions across the country. The moderators of competitions are sitting Judges of Supreme Court, High Court and renowned advocates, professors of law, judicial officers, etc.

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