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Amity Infrastructure

Amity Law School has a good campus. It has well-furnished air-conditioned classroom. The school has made all required instructional aid available including: black and white boards, over head projector, microphone facility for every classroom, LCD projector (intended for effective communication), etc. These classroom facilities help students to make classes fun. Every student participates in classroom discussion and presentations enthusiastically.

A library is said to be the laboratory of a lawyer. Amity Law School library is one of the best libraries in Delhi. It has been catering to a student community of nearly 600 and in addition to researchers in the realm of law. The library consists of approximately 15,000 books including various law reports and journals. There are 80 journals and law reports which library subscribe on daily basis. Besides, it has seven daily newspapers and 20 magazines too.

Since every year there are new books in the market by prominent law scholars on diverse law issues, the library maintains its state by purchasing them. Therefore, every year almost one thousand books are included in its array. There is a huge collection of book/law reports/journals which are being donated by prominent lawyers and other scholars.

Amity library has 'open access system' in which students can access the books he/she wants to refer straightforwardly from the shelves. The library has good facility like computerized database to find books easily. With the help of this one can find books with no difficulty. There is facility that library can accommodate approximately one hundred users at a time. Amity law school has well equipped computer lab too. The lab is fully air-conditioned and fine equipped with ample number of computers with internet connection. Students and staff members can browse it for whatever they want.

Amity school has a well built Moot Court Hall just like a courtroom. It is designed with the intention of conducting moot court competitions. Internal Moot Court participation is compulsory for every student who is in the first year. One of the usages of moot court hall is for conducting and judging competitions at Amity National Moot Court Competitions held every year. Finally, the law school provides all required facilities to its students so they can be better lawyers.

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