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Voice Culture

Voice is one of the tools of an actor. Some actors in the film and television industry are known for their distinctive voice. This module helps students to understand the voice power. The aim of voice culture is to give an insight to students about how to modify voice and control various muscles and resonators. Students are given various exercises to enhance their voice skills. They are given different breathing exercises to learn voice modulation.

Students are taught phonology in brief. This module helps students to understand different types of voices. It also provides students the information on articulation and diction.

Diction & Speech
In this module, students learn the importance of clarity of speech, expression and articulation. Students are given exercises in studying and analyzing a number of monologues from films and plays. This helps students in dialogue delivery. This module helps students to understand diction and speech thoroughly.

Actor and Camera
This module deals with the technical aspects of film, acting and camera. In this module, students learn importance of camera. Actor and camera module incorporates:

  • Camera movement
  • Camera placement
  • Shot taking
  • Shot division
  • Types of shots
  • Importance of the camera
  • The presence of the actor before the camera
  • The significance of the 'mark' with respect to the camera

Film Appreciation
The aim of this module is to make students study films comprehensively, capture the aesthetics of filmmakers across the world, analyze cinema in microscopic detail, etc. With the help of this module, students learn how to do film appreciation.

Scene Studies and Script Analysis
Students are given ample classroom exercises in scene studies and script analysis. They are taught types and components of scenes. Students study this by observing the miniature details of classic movies. The filmy ideas such as motive, status, conflict, urgency, fluctuations, impulsiveness of a character, etc. are studied and applied in practical circumstances. Students are given thorough understanding of acting where they learn interpretations, meanings, sub-text, unit divisions, pauses, and stresses for the reason of characterization.

This module consists of the information about dubbing, voice-over for films, animation, television serials, etc. With the help of this module, students learn fundamentals of dubbing.

Television and Radio
Students are introduced to the world of television and radio. This module helps students understand multi-camera set ups for television. They are given exercises in creating live images though his/her voice.

Grooming and Personality Development
This module facilitates students to understand the importance of personality and art of grooming.

Students are awarded diploma in acting only after successful completion of the course.

Syllabus for 'The Change Within' course

Module: Acting: Voice and Diction

  • Role Playing
  • The Ability to say no
  • Developing optimism
  • Bringing out the hidden you
  • The Power of failure
  • Coping with Fears
  • Laughter as Therapy
  • The Emotional Transformation

Module: Yoga

  • Meditation
  • Breathe Control
  • Techniques of Relaxation

Module: Grooming

  • Personal care
  • Voice and accent
  • Conversational English and Hindi
  • Style: accessories and clothes
  • Cosmetology and cosmetics as beauty aids

Module: Social Skills/Etiquette

  • Party Etiquette
  • Table Manners
  • Making Small Talk
  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Conducting yourself with Grace

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