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Syllabus for Full-time Diploma Course

Course Content
Actor Prepares offers full-time diploma course in acting. The course curriculum is well built and tailored to equip students with fundamentals of acting.

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Dubbing
  • Creative Body Movements
  • Film Appreciation
  • Acting Techniques
  • Stunts and Martial Arts
  • Diction & Speech
  • Television and Radio
  • Voice Culture
  • Actor and Camera
  • Scene Studies and Script Analysis
  • Grooming and Personality Development

Acting Techniques
The module introduces advanced techniques of acting. It encompasses various aspects of acting such as applying the craft of acting, analyzing acting, understanding the aim of a particular role. The module uncovers manifolds of acting including:

  • Modern acting
  • Method acting
  • The post-modern
  • Contemporary methodologies
  • Realistic form of acting
  • To understand the art of performance
  • Traditional and classical modes of acting

Creative Body Movements
For an actor, body is the medium of communication. It is the basic tool of an actor. Therefore, a good actor should know the body language, which helps to communicate desired thoughts and ideas effectively. Creative body movements are major exercises that every film school conducts it. With the help of these classes, students become energetic and graceful. The creative body language module facilitates students to understand scene effectively. The module incorporates factors including:

  • Gait
  • Rhythm
  • Pace
  • Gestures
  • Tempo
  • Postures
  • Compositions
  • Body language

The aim of this module is to shape the body and the mind, which helps students to concentrate on their work and deliver utmost performance. Actor Prepares conducts yoga classes. Every student is required to attend the class for the first two months. With the help of this class, students get relaxed and gained peaceful mind, which is very important to execute the task effectively. One cannot deliver his/her outstanding performance until they get into the role and live it the same as real character does.

With the help of aerobics, one can stay film and active. Aerobics facilitates to tone up the body, aware of muscular tensions and rigidity. The course curriculum incorporates aerobics exercises, which are taught in the last session of the course.

Stunts and Martial Arts
Since every film requires action scenes, an actor is supposed to know how to perform action scenes. Keeping this in mind, Actor Prepares offers stunts and martial arts classes. The film school invites expert working professionals to teach students stunts and martial arts. This session makes students accustomed to techniques of live battle.

Every good actor should possess sound knowledge of acting. They ought to know how to dance, which will suit a particular song. A director hires choreographers to help actors in moving steps. However, a good actor must understand and dance accordingly. With the helps of this module, students enhance their dancing skills. Actor Prepares has a spectrum of dance instructions comprising:

  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Indian dance
  • The art of lip-sync
  • Modern dance
  • Bollywood routines

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