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Anupam Kher on 'The Change Within' Concept

As an actor, Anupam Kher worked in over 400 films. Anupam Kher' profession demands him to travel across the world. He met several people engaged in a wide spectrum of cinema venture. His meeting with different people has made him analyze them. This made him to create new characters.

His experience of meeting and analyzing people has brought him to get into the real characters. This experience has made him to understand and find out different shades of human lives. As a trained and perfect actor, Anupam Kher understands character and gets into it to deliver exceptional performance.

Anupam Kher keeps analyzing others and analyzes himself. He believes that an actor should not be restricted to a particular image forever. A good actor always keeps experimenting to play different personalities. He further says that, one cannot be emoting the same way in various films. He/she has to play different kinds of roles to prove to be good actors. According to him, an actor has to rediscover himself/herself.

Anupam Kher explains the process of rediscovery for him. He says that the process began when he was reckoning his one-man play Kuchh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai few years back. He is very successful actor which can be seen in his outstanding performance shows in various films and critical acclaims. He was born to the family of a lower class clerk in Shimla with dreams for company. He got fame and fortune beyond his raving imagination.

In order to complete his dream, he had set up a gigantic production house to create software for the industry. He thought nothing could go wrong. In the beginning, he had the most successful TV programmes in his kitty. Later on, he moved to the realm of event management, which was the latest business then. He staged various mega events successfully.

Misfortune favored him during his creative business venture. As a result, many of his productions, events, poor financial management, bane of business, etc went broken and he stood surrounded by malfunction. At the same time, he was fighting an outbreak of court cases being filed by creditors. These calamities made him discover himself, as a result he began to do self-therapy.

Anupam Kher reckons that his life taught him good lessons, which made him to become a good human being. He believes that he discovered many truths during his journey as an actor. He formulated various exercises, which he introduced in his acting school. The film school teaches students to discover themselves.

In order to get the people know many truths about life, he formulated a course, 'Change Within Concept'. The course discusses many facets of life-coaching programme. With the help of this course, you can discover yourself. The course curriculum is well designed and tailored with the intention of imparting quality education. The course facilitates students to understand them very well. It is said that an actor should know about himself/herself to deliver excellent performance. With the help of this course, students get to know manifolds of their hidden potentials.

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