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Actor Prepares - Objectives

Actor Prepares, the film school aims at imparting high standard education in the field of film and television. The objective of film school is to prepare capable and professionally dedicated actors, expert in all the aspects of acting. The film school lays emphasis on the foundation of filmmaking.

The film school offers courses in filmmaking. Every course is well designed and formed with the purpose of providing students ample information about their respective field. The film school organizes workshop and training sessions where prominent working professionals are invited to talk on the different issues related to filmmaking.

With the help of various programmes in the school, students get an exposure to unfold their potentials. The programmes facilitate students to understand the filmmaking process thoroughly. The workshops are organized throughout the academic year. Every student participates in it enthusiastically. These workshops help students to reinforce their fundamental skills and make them competent in their respective field.

About Chairperson
Anupam Kher, the chairperson, has been associated with the film and television industry over 25 years. He has extensive experience, which he tries to impart it in the society by means of guiding students in the film school. Mr. Kher went through several difficulties in his journey toward becoming a perfect actor. He believes that acting is a science. Because, other sciences like Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Zoology, etc. need scientific research. In the similar fashion, acting can be experimented, researched, perfected, learnt and taught.

The school task has threefold identifying, training and grooming raw talent into class of disciplined and skilled actors for the further generation. There are a number of working professionals including directors, producers, actors, have kindly accepted to be on its advisory board. They help the film school to grow in the realm of film and television by providing student with training. This helps the film school to achieve its goals and objectives.

Students are taught various aspects of filmmaking. They are taught with modern techniques, methods and tools. Indian experts as well as foreign teachers train students. All the students are guided under the guidance of the chairperson, Anupam Kher. Each student receives personal attention of the chairperson. The film school ensures that students will be competitive when they enter the charming field of cinema.

Students who wish to carve their career in the film and television, Actor Prepares is the best options to learn fundamentals of acting. The film school not only lays importance upon honing acting skills but also make all round development of every student. Therefore, taking admission to the acting course at the film school ensures that you will be able to learn basics of acting. After completing the course, students get into the film and television industry with no difficulty.

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