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ZIMA - Direction

Zee Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai offers a filmmaking course in direction. The duration of the course is 6 months. Its classes are held thrice a week and three hours a day. Since there is growth in the field of films and television, ZIMA launched direction course to provide students with advanced techniques in direction. The direction course aims at providing quality education in film and television direction with special focus on creative film direction. Director is a person responsible for film content and quality. A director is just like a caption of a ship.

A director is a person who controls dramatic and artistic aspects and visualizes screenplay. he/she has to interact with film crewmembers and deals with a number of issues in a filmmaking process. A director has veto power over everything be it script, final editing, recording, etc. Zee Institute of Media Arts offers a course in direction, which focuses on various aspects of the profession. The course incorporates theoretical as well practical subjects.

A director plays vital role in producing a creative film. There are many members in a project including actor, editor, producer, writer, cinematographer; sound engineers, etc and they need someone who directs them to work in a desired way. This cannot be achieved without a director. Therefore, a director is an inseparable part in producing a film.

Zee Institute of Media Arts realized the role of a director thoroughly as a result the institute launched a six-month course in direction. The course includes the entire essential ingredients to make students successful film and television directors.

The direction course maximizes the knowledge prospect of students in the field of film and television. The course aligns all responsibilities of a director and makes students competent. The course facilitates students to learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas through the medium of sound and visuals.

Zee Institute of Media Arts has devoted faculty that facilitates students to become skilled at executing the work responsibilities effectively. The direction course curriculum encompasses the following aspects of filmmaking.

  • Film appreciation and film analysis
  • The history of cinema and evolution
  • Marketing management and production of films and television serials
  • Techniques of screenplay writing
  • Practical exercises on producing song picturisation/music video
  • Interacting with technicians, actors and other crew members
  • Practical on producing a creative short film
  • The language of cinema
  • Demonstrations on photographic frame
  • Practical exercises on documentary filmmaking and newsgathering
  • Demonstrations on language and grammar of cinema
  • Practical exercises on producing Ad films and promos

There is tremendous scope for the career in film direction. Upon completing the course, students cope with all responsibilities of a director. They start their career as assistant directorship and then move to directing. However, the film school advises students to work as assistant directors in a production unit. This will facilitate them to hone their fundamental skills required for directing a film.

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