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ZIMA - Course in Cinematography

Zee Institute of Media Arts Mumbai offers a course in Cinematography. The course curriculum is designed with the purpose of providing students with ample information about cinematography.

A role of cinematographer is very essential in the process of filmmaking. Its not possible to create a film without a cinematographer. There is a great need of good cinematographers in the field of film and television industry. ZEMA provides students with practical exercises on cinematography. The film school organizes workshops, seminars and guest lectures to enhance students basic skills require for cinematography.

The film industry is in need of good cinematographers, who are technically qualified, updated and confident. Students are given practical exercises in advanced technology. ZIMA puts emphasis on the teaching fundamental of cinematography. The course includes following aspects of filmmaking.

  • Composition and Filters
  • Theory of Light / Lenses
  • A variety of light sources and their practical application
  • Depth of Field, Study of colour temperature
  • The principles of motion and still picture photography
  • Study of movie cameras and a variety of film stock
  • Principles of Optics used in Photography
  • Basics of Lighting
  • Group Projects and Assignments for Students on Prof. Tape Cameras
  • Essentials of Lighting, Full Practical on Different Types of Lighting Condition
  • Principles of videography and Study of the video camera

Career Opportunity
Upon completing the course, students are placed at renowned film production houses. There are tremendous opportunities for students with cinematography background. A filmmaker can hire a good cinematographer for his/her project. Students can also start their own film business and work independently.

ZIMA - Course in Production
Zee Institute of Media Arts Mumbai offers a course in production. The duration of the course is three months, there are three sessions a week, and each session consists of three hours. The production course is designed with the purpose of imparting quality education in the field of film production. ZIMA puts emphasis on providing the knowledge of film production and marketing. The production course consists of systematic and scientific study by resting importance on the following aspects.

  • Role of producer
  • Breakdown of script for proficient production management
  • Negotiations with technicians and actors
  • Agreements with crewmembers including actors, technicians, etc
  • List of jobs for capable production management
  • Marketing of films
  • Film advertising
  • Nature of film production
  • Make out the target audience
  • Financing and budgeting
  • Cinema market
  • Agreements with financiers and distributors
  • Film publicity

Career Opportunity
After completing the course, students can be placed at prominent film production houses. They can also work as assistant to producers. The entertainment industry needs expert professionals. Students can also work independently as producers. Thus, there is ample scope for film producers.

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