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ZIMA - Course in Acting

Zee Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai offers a course in acting. The duration of acting course is three months. Its classes are held five days a week and three hours a day. The course aims at providing quality education in the field of acting. The course curriculum is job oriented and it encourages students to perform well. Students are given ample practical exercises to reinforce their fundamental skills requiring for film industry.

In the crew of filmmaking, actor is someone who represents various characters. An actor communicates ideas of a director by applying different facial expressional and gestures. The success of a film is mostly depends on the performance of actors. Today, there are only few actors who execute their job perfectly as desired by a director. Therefore, the film industry needs expert professionals.

The course in acting provides students with fundamentals of acting. Students are given practical exercises to hone their basic skills. The film school provides students with professional training in acting. After completing the course, students challenge any kind of role in any genre of films. The course syllabus is based on Stanislavsky's 'Method Acting'. The course in acting covers following elements of acting.

  • Observation
  • Sense Memory
  • Scenes
  • Acting Analysis
  • Improvisations
  • Imagination
  • Diction
  • Voice & Speech
  • Movement
  • Action Problems
  • Dance
  • Animal Study
  • Monologues
  • Film Orientation
  • Filmi Fights
  • Play Back

In the last week of the programme, students need to take practical training of facing the camera. Here students create professional show for the film industry. ZIMA puts emphasis on students all round development. The film school produces not only artists but also good human beings who contribute to society in every possible way.

ZIMA - Certificate Course in Gaming
Zee Institute of Media Arts offers a Certificate Course in Gaming. The duration of the gaming programme is six months. The course curriculum incorporates game design that includes training in software and gaming concepts. Students are given training in various advanced software including 3D, Max and Photoshop. After completing the course, students serve in the film industry as working in texturing, modeling, character environment, lighting, etc. The course includes:

  • Introduction to Gaming
  • Overview of the process of creating games
  • Photoshop with a special focus on gaming
  • Basics of character design and human anatomy for gaming

3D Max for gaming with special focus on:

  • Baking light maps
  • Unwrapping
  • LODs
  • Decal sheets
  • Working with mo-cap data
  • Foliage & Particles for games

ZIMA - Diploma in Writing
Writing is one of the fabulous jobs in the fields of filmmaking. Zee Institute of Media Arts offers a diploma in writing. Writing is an arena where one can be creative. ZIMA students are taught various kinds of writings such as formal and informal writings.

Students are given practical exercises to enhance their writing skills. They are asked to do free writing. The practical exercises help students to put their thoughts and ideas in a creative form of writing. Further, students are taught how to develop writing flow and make logical sequence throughout the script. They are taught creative writing too. The course duration is three months, which prepares students to get into the entertainment industry. After completing the course, students work as content writer, assistant writer, copywriter, etc. The course incorporates following aspects of writing.

  • Fundamentals of Writing: Writing tools as well as concept development
  • Historic Perspective: The sound era and the silent era
  • Dialogue: Characterization by sub text and dialogues text
  • Story: Tale assembly fundamental aspects of story
  • Showcase: The Indian Scriptwriters
  • Screenplay writing: Out line v/s treatment characterization characters biography

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