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VITEEE Exam Paper Pattern

Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam paper comprises four parts as given below.

  • Part I Physics
  • Part II Chemistry
  • Part III Mathematics
  • Part IV Biology

Though the paper has four parts, candidates have to attend 3 parts only as given below.

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) students shall attend Part I, II and IV
  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) students shall attend Part I, II and III
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics students have choice they can either attend Part I, II, III, or Part I, II, IV
  • Candidates who attend for Part I, II and III are eligible for all the 12 porgrammes. On the other hand, candidates who attend Part I, II and IV are eligible for Bioinformatics and Biotechnology only.

The candidates have to attend any 3 parts as mentioned above. If the candidates have attended all the 4 parts, the valuation will be done only for first 3 parts and the 4th part will not to be evaluated.

As there are four parts, each part of question paper consists of 40 objective type questions. Each question carries ONE mark. However, there is no negative marking. All the questions are from the CBSE and State Board of Higher Secondary School syllabi only. As the questions are of objective type, each question has four options. The candidates have to select one out of four as an answer. For more information please log on

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