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Screening and Auditorium

Students of SRFTI have an opportunity of watching films as the film school has a Main Theatre, with the capacity of 370 seats. The film school also has 72 seats and an Open Air Theatre. The capacity of the Open Theatre is more than 500. It also has video projection. Besides above described facilities, the film school has a Class Room Theatre along with advanced amenities and home theatre.

Additional Facilities
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, provides students all required facilities. There is a post office, canteen, Internet and Xerox on the institute premises.

The canteen is spacious and servers the needs of students as well staff. Students enjoy the life at SRFTI. They go to the canteen to express and share their thoughts and ideas. They share their experience with one another. The film school provides students internet and photocopying facilities. Students are allowed to access the Internet. They browse various websites to search for information, related to their area of interest including:

  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Cinematography
  • Choreography
  • Production
  • Music

Campus Life
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, has a sprawling green campus. SRFTI maintains international standard campus. The campus has natural beauty, as there are lakes and ponds, which encourage students to shoot creative films. SRFTI is situated on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass Road. Students can arrive at the film institute with no difficulty, as the campus is just thirty minutes drive from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport. It takes an hour to reach the film institute from the city's two main railway stations, Sealdah and Howrah.

SRFTI is well connected with various major parts of the city through auto rickshaws and buses. One can go anywhere in Kolkata city easily, from the institute. There are major landmarks in close proximity of SRFTI. Bengal Ambuja housing complex and Peerless Hospital are very close to the institute.

The hostel life at SRFTI is just fun. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. Both the hostels are well equipped with all advanced apparatus including gymnasium and a playground. The hostel accommodation capacity is 160 students on sharing basis. Both the hostels are provided with security personnel to ensure students' safety. Students enjoy living in the hostel.

There is a canteen near the hostel. The canteen meets all needs of students' nutrition. It serves food and beverages. The canteen owner keeps it neat and clean. Food is prepared with great hygiene. The canteen provides good and fresh food. Students can buy branded products including chips, cold drinks, sandwich, etc. The hostel has other facilities in close proximity such as internet, post office, photocopying and so forth. These services are available for students at reasonable rates.

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