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Guest House

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, has a well built and luxurious guesthouse. The guesthouse is built with the intention of providing guests, comfortable accommodation. It is available for the guests of the film institute, working professionals, visiting facultys, parents of students, ex-students, etc. at reasonable rates. The guesthouse includes:

  • Two AC luxury suites
  • Eleven double-bed AC rooms
  • Four Non-AC double-bed rooms with conveniences such as
    • Television
    • Intercom,
    • Room service
  • Dining hall
  • A spacious lobby

It must be noted that all rules and regulations of the guest house should be followed strictly. In case, students are seen breaking or violating the rules set by the institute, they will be asked to leave the institute and no request in this case will be entertained. Students need to follow the academic discipline that includes minimum attendance, practical exercises, projects, etc. Students who do not finish their assignments are not allowed to take the final exam.

It is mandatory for every student with his/her parents/guardians to sign a bond affirming his or her adherence to the above-described disciplinary rules. They are required to submit the same with the acceptance of admission.

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, reserves all rights to expel, suspend or take any action at any juncture for defiance of any rules and laws or any other reason. Students are advised to maintain a happy and healthy environment in the film institute. Students need to purchase the followings on their own from the Tutorial Section.

  • 'Syllabus' to know the details of guidelines, duration and content
  • 'Handbook' to refer to laws and rules

Students must note that the ignorance of rules shall not be taken as valid plea for failure to follow the rules.

Students Association
SRFTI students run and manage Students' Association. Students elect members to the association board from among themselves to represent their perspective. The association has immense value throughout the academic year. The association plays the role of a catalyst in the process of organizing various cultural programmes and a number of annual events. The Students' Association organizes extra co-curricular activities. It plays an important role in:

  • Screening Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Academic Council


Direction & Screenplay Writing

  • Putul Mahmood
  • Amaresh Chakraburtty
  • Biren Das Sharma


  • Tapas Paul
  • Milind Nagamule
  • Keshab Manna


  • Shyamal Karmakar
  • Nilotpal Majumdar
  • Shantanu Pal
  • Debashis Guha


  • Pankaj Seal
  • Debasish Ghosal
  • AbdulRajjak


  • Pradip Acharya (Production Manager)
  • Prasenjit Ghosh (Production Manager)
  • Shubhashis Das Sharma (Property and Costumes Asst)
  • Shuvobrata Roy Chowdhury (Graphic Artist)
  • Shantanu Bose (Set Supervisor)

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