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Film and Television Studio

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, has two studio floors. These studios are spacious and well lit. In all probability, SRFTI film studio is the best studio in the eastern region. Its floor area is approximately 80 x 50, which is fine enough to shoot a big budget film. The studio encompasses a large airy make up room, three-ranked platforms for lighting, underground abyss for camera angle, painting division, storeroom, carpentry room, etc.

The film school has a fully air-conditioned TV studio floor. The size of studio floor is approximately 50 x 50. The television studio floor includes dimmer panel, cyclorama facilities, control room, three-camera set-up, etc. The studio is built with the aim of providing a platform for shooting television programmes and students' projects.

Library is said to be a treasure of knowledge. The library of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute has a good collection of books, magazines, periodicals, articles on film and television. SRFTI library is housed in a two-storied building. It consists of a big and spacious reading hall, music room, viewing room, etc. The library has a number of books and magazines on diverse subjects of television, cinema, technology, media, and performing arts. The library also includes a rich array of videos in various formats, audio cassettes and CDs.

SRFTI library is well equipped with modern technology. With the help of computer facility, one can locate a book easily. The library has advanced technology like circulation mechanism and computerized catalogue. Students are encouraged to make use of the library to expand their knowledge.

Film library
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, has a film library as well. The film library includes Indian as well as foreign film collections. It has the Cine Central Collection of approximately four hundred international feature films and 913 documentaries and shot films. The Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Zone) Collection possesses about 36 feature films and 35 short films, whereas, SRFTI - NFDC array of films includes 66 feature films. Students and faculty can avail the facility of films for their reference.

Regional center of the NFAI
The National Film Archives of India has its regional office situated in Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute campus. The regional office aims at providing students a good collection of film for research study. The Archives office has a foremost collected works of 71 classics for academic discussions and screenings.

Exchange Programme
SRFTI conducts students exchange programme. The purpose of this programme is to offer students an opportunity to study abroad. The very first students exchange programme happened in 2001. This programme has encouraged some of the students to go to Konard Wolf Film School in Potsdam, Germany. These students have made their mark by performing a short fiction film, 'Forth World'.

Since, the students exchange programme, SRFTI students go aboard to study. Likewise, international students come to India for study. German Film School has sent two students to Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute who made a documentary film, 'Howrah, Howrah'. Besides this, SRFTI looks forward to expanding exchange oppurtunities with other national and international film schools.

Students who are specializing in direction had been engaged in exchange programme with HHG, Postdam, Germany in film production. HHF students performed with SRFTI students in the one of the cultural programmes. SRFTI editing specialization students were in Tokyo in 2006, for a two-week HD internship in NHK, Japan. These students made three creative films there.

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