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Frequently Asked Questions - 2

Does Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts provide students from outside Mumbai accommodation/hostel?
Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts does not provide hostel/accommodation facility. However, students from outside Mumbai can get accommodation in the city. The film school facilitates these students by suggesting them various places/people who provide housing/lodging in the city.

Students can contact ex-students of Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts to find out accommodation in the city. They can also take help of his/her batch mates to search for housing facilities.

What is the fee of this course?
To know more about the course cost, students are suggested to contact the concerned department as the fee changes from time to time.

Is a student allowed to work professionally alongside whilst undertaking the acting course?
For a week, students may work alongside the course but they should ensure that, they fulfill the attendance criterion as set by the institute. Many working professionals are pursuing this course while continuing with his/her business/jobs.

Students who maintained minimum 90% attendance level are eligible to get the acting degree awarded. The aim of minimum attendance is to take out 100% from students. During this period, students are given practical exercises to hone their basic skills. The film school does not want to produce students who do perform well due to lack of training. Practical exercises, training are very important to understand the basics of acting. Thus, the film school strongly opposes the idea of working while learning.

Will a student be given a chance to make show reel at end of the course?
Students need to perform various forms of acting like monologues, video shoots, songs, action, etc. These activities will be made on DV tapes. Students may use these recordings as a show reel. The aim of these recordings is to analyse student's performance. These recordings are only for students to know how much they have improved during the course.

Franchise of the Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts (RTFPA) is given below. The below discussed are just outlines, if you know more about it, please contact the institute.

  • Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts shall be paid one time franchise fee
  • RTFPA shall charge 30% commission every student per batch. There must be at least 20 students per batch
  • The franchise shall be named RTFPA in cooperation with the company name of the franchisee
  • The premises must be centrally situated with a 1500 square feet area of land and ought to have a hall of minimum one thousand square feet
  • RTFPA shall extend faculty support; housing and travel have to be paid by the franchisee.
  • Professor Taneja shall open and set-up the school
  • Three celebrities shall be provided by RTFPA per batch. The fees to the celebrities shall be paid by RTFPA. However, travel and housing to be provided by the franchisee
  • All course curriculum will be designed by Professor Taneja and monitored on regular basis

Contact Details
For Admissions contact - Mr. Rohit Tanejaa 09820 013680

    Foundations Office
    Bung. No. 29, Park Street,
    Near Versova Tel Exchange,
    MHADA Andheri (West)
    Mumbai - 400 053
    Tel: 02232226043/02232080115

Adm. Office

    F6 / 102, Shankar Dham,
    Sundervan Complex,
    Lokhandwala Rd, Andheri (West)
    Mumbai - 400 053
    Tel. +91 22 42760300/42760305/42760314
    Fax: +91 22 2634 7637

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